How We Can Help

Just as we call an ambulance in a medical emergency, there is help for resolving crisis situations. When events go beyond our control–whether for individuals, families, communities, or schools–we benefit from outside intervention. Trained professionals are available to assist with problems like mental illness, loss, school-based emergencies, substance abuse, family conflicts, and abuse. Crisis management exists to help explore solutions and implement positive change.

Primary Goals of Valley Creek Crisis Center are to:

•Stabilize the immediate crisis and provide emergency mental status assessments/evaluations

•Facilitate voluntary or involuntary hospitalization when appropriate or identify alternatives when possible

•Function as a liaison to emergency response personnel (Police & EMS) and mental health facilities/providers

•Support the individual/family/school in developing means of coping with and preventing future crises

•Formulate a follow up plan that includes linkages to community based resources

•Provide brief follow-up and support to individual/family/school following the crisis

•Assist schools and communities in responding to critical incidents

•Provide information and referrals to individuals, families and schools

•Provide consultation services and professional training in crisis intervention to Chester County Mental Health professionals

For more information, please call us at (610) 280-3270