Adult Crisis Residential Program

Valley Creek Crisis Center’s Adult Residential Program is short-term residential placement to accommodate adult consumers in need of behavioral health services that are less restrictive than an inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. Treatment and psychosocial supports are available to individuals in acute psychiatric crisis but who are able to remain within the community. The crisis residential program is a voluntary program. The program provides consumer-driven, recovery-oriented treatment in a comfortable, home-like environment. The Crisis Residential Program supports consumers in developing and achieving individualized goals in order to resolve the acute crisis and achieve timely community reintegration.

Services offered at the residential program include:

• Nursing and Biopsychosocial Assessments

• Psychiatric Assessment & Medication Management

• Individual and Group Counseling

• Peer Support Groups

• Twelve Step Meetings

• Linkage to community-based supports

• Discharge Planning

• Recreational Activities & ADL support