Telephone Crisis Counseling

Phone: 610-280-3270

Most referrals to the crisis service come through the crisis telephone hotline. Calls into the line will be triaged by crisis staff to determine the appropriate level of crisis intervention required and provide telephone counseling when more intensive interventions are not required. 

The telephone crisis service provides counseling, consultation, education and referral to individuals experiencing acute psychological or psychosocial problems or to the family, friends, colleagues, school staff and/or agencies calling on behalf of another person. Ideally crisis intervention at this level of care alone will preserve the individual’s ability to resolve his/her crisis, utilizing his/her family or natural supports while remaining within his/her own community.

The goal of the telephone crisis line is to ensure the personal safety of the caller and to promote overall recovery and wellness.  While some crisis situations can be resolved solely through telephone support, many issues will require a formal face-to-face contact, whether mobile outreach or a walk-in intervention, to maximize the efficacy of the crisis intervention.